The Irish National Guild of Master Craftsmen joins EBC

We are delighted to announce that the National Guild of Master Craftsmen, the Irish organisation representing tradesmen and builders, recently joined EBC.

Founded in 1996, the National Guild of Master Craftsmen represents skilled and accredited tradesmen and builders in Ireland. With more than 4 500 members nationwide, the organisation promotes better standards of quality in the construction industry throughout the country.

“We are glad to become a member of EBC and look forward to a close collaboration with other European SME organisations in the construction sector in order to purse joint goals and to discuss challenges and experiences. In 2018, the construction industry in Ireland is projected to grow its value by 14 % to EUR 19.5 billion, which will lead to further growth within our construction SMEs and craftsmen, as well as the creation of additional jobs. We believe we have an important role to play in the attainment of favourable conditions for the sector and thus want to ensure that our voice is not only heard in Ireland but also in Brussels”, says Pat Doyle, the Managing Director of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen.

EBC President Rinaldo Incerpi adds to this: “We look forward to working with our Irish colleagues on ongoing and future initiatives at EBC, to tackle together the challenges and to grasp the opportunities that the construction sector will offer in the coming years.”

Learn more about the National Guild of Master Craftsmen HERE.