The European Construction Industry Manifesto for Digitalisation: Smarter construction, Stronger economy, Inclusive society

In the context of the ongoing digital transformation of the construction sector, EBC and other major European construction industry associations have joined forces to publish the European Construction Industry Manifesto for Digitalisation, a strategic call for a strong political leadership from the European Union, an appropriate regulatory framework on data policy and a budgetary focus on digital skills, R&D and deployment of IT infrastructure.

It is of utmost importance that the whole construction value chain defines together the challenges and opportunities induced by digital tools and methods. With this manifesto, EBC and other key European associations show a strong commitment to support an inclusive digital transformation of the construction sector; let’s build on this milestone to ensure a smooth, levelled and successful digital transition for the whole construction industry says EBC President Patrick Liébus.

Digitalisation has the huge potential of increasing productivity, enhancing the quality and reducing the costs of buildings, while improving safety and working conditions; moreover, digitalisation is not a goal in itself but a means to achieve the European Union priorities in terms of employment, energy efficiency and circular economy goals, etc. For this purpose, the digital transformation of the construction industry also needs supportive European and national regulatory and financial frameworks.

EBC has intensively engaged with other key construction actors to outline the main political priorities of the construction industry in the field of digital construction. In this context, our construction SMEs and craftsmen fully support the cooperation with major construction stakeholders to ensure that the whole construction value chain will reap the benefits of digitalisation. Now, the digitalisation of the construction sector must be one of the main priorities of the EU political agenda, with a leading role for micro, small and medium-sized enterprise” concludes EBC Secretary General Eugenio Quintieri.

EBC has actively contributed to the drafting of the European Digital Manifesto for Construction: smarter construction, stronger economy, inclusive society.

To download the full manifesto, please click here