New update of the European Construction Sector Observatory ECSO

Launched in 2016 by the European Commission and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises EASME, the European Construction Sector Observatory aims at informing all construction stakeholders on the market conditions and policy developments in the construction sector in the EU Member States. Through the ECSO website, visitors gain access to a wide range of industry data and analysis, from evidence on how Member States are performing in relation to the five thematic objectives of Construction 2020 Strategy, to insights on national policy developments, trends and experiences.

Thanks to a recent update, 28 Country Fact Sheets, 60 Policy Measures Fact Sheets and 3 Analytical Reports are currently online, and more are to follow continuously.

The Country Fact Sheets give insight into the construction sector of each EU Member Sate, assessing key economic trends, innovation in the sector, national and regional policy and regulatory frameworks, as well as progress towards European Commission’s Construction 2020 objectives.

The Policy Measures Fact Sheets profile relevant initiatives that have been implemented at national level, assessing their effectiveness and impact.

The Analytical Reports cover thematic objectives of the EU’s Construction 2020 Strategy: ‘Stimulating favourable investment conditions’, ‘Improving the human capital basis’ and ‘Fostering the international competitiveness of EU construction enterprises’.