SME policy: European Investment Fund publishes interactive map on EU support for SMEs

On 28 February the European Investment Fund (EIF) launched an interactive map that indicates the location of SMEs which have benefited from EU financial support through financial instruments managed by the EIF (e.g. COSME, Erasmus, EFSI). The map shows where the money has gone by differentiating between micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally it is possible to search by financing programme and economic sector (e.g. construction, manufacturing, agriculture), for which a colour code exists. If interested in a specific location, it is possible to simply zoom in and pinpoint it. Certain SMEs have furthermore agreed to be profiled in case-studies, giving more detailed information.

Currently, only SMEs that benefited from debt financing instruments are included in the database. However, the EIF foresees to extend it in order to also include SMEs that received equity funding. The website can be reached here.