BIM Summit 2018: digital tools accessible to all!

As in the previous year, the European Builders Confederation participated to the European BIM Summit 2018 held on March 8 and 9 in Barcelona. EBC was even more active in this edition as EBC Secretary General Eugenio Quintieri moderated two panels, was part of the jury for the EBS 2018 awards and shared the concluding remarks.

The European BIM Summit is an annual international conference organized by CAATEEBBIM Academy and BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter, with the common objective of spreading good practices in the use of Building Information Modelling. Around 500 participants from across Europe took part, among them BIM experts, public administrators, developers, service consultants, material suppliers and, in general, relevant decision-makers for the construction industry.

As 99.9% of the European construction sector is composed of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, the expected digital transformation of the construction sector cannot happen without these crucial actors. Digital solutions have great potential to increase productivity, reduce construction costs, alleviate burdensome and physical tasks, improve the data collection and analysis of energy efficiency performances, and lower life-cycle costs of buildings.

However, digitalisation is an enabler and not a goal in itself. Indeed, given their limited size, SMEs often lack internal experts that are able to deal with digital tools. For this reason, the support from large contractors, architects, manufacturers and further value chain actors is crucial. Best practices show that when SMEs are introduced to digital tools from other sectoral actors, there are higher probabilities that those SMEs will also use them in the future in their daily routine.

Digital solutions, such as BIM, make sense when they are affordable, easy to access and constitute a real added value to our construction SMEs and craftsmen. Only an inclusive digital transformation will ensure the strengthening of the sector as a whole. In order to do so, the strong cooperation of all actors within the construction value chain is what we need, paired with supportive European and national regulatory and financial framework” said Eugenio Quintieri.

He specifically moderated the sessions “Strategies for the whole Building Sector in German Speaking Countries” on Thursday 8th and “Digital Built” on Friday 9th March. EBC is always excited to exchange and share the vision of construction craftsmen and SMEs on the digital revolution taking place in the construction sector: how to necessarily make BIM an SME-friendly tool will be the pivotal argument of EBC participation. “Scenes as the BIM Summit are extremely important to further disseminate and exchange about what is the future of our industry; we thank the organizers for such a rich event and look forward to further collaboration in the future” concluded EBC Secretary General.

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