DG GROW and DG CONNECT support digital construction

We need a strategic approach towards digital construction” said Fulvia Raffaelli, Head of Unit, DG GROW during the stakeholder workshop organised by CECE, CPE, EBC and FIEC.

Fulvia Raffaeli underlined that DG GROW supports the vision of the construction value chain working together with the European Commission towards the common goal of developing a digital platform for the construction sector.

Max Lemke, Head of Unit, DG Connect gave an impulse statement on Digitising European Industry explaining the technologies and systems that digitise industries. European industries need to catch up with the worldwide technological trends and appliance of digital tools.

The four associations organising the workshop are appreciating European Commission’s enthusiasm for the digitalisation of the construction industry. The representatives of the full construction value chain are looking forward to EC’s AI strategy and believes that the industry needs to work closely with the European Institutions in the future.