Slovakian SMEs and craftsmen join the EBC family

We are delighted to announce that SŽZ- the Slovakian Association of Craftsmen – has recently joined EBC.

Established in 1992 and based in Bratislava, SŽZ  associates licensed trade associations, guilds, and other bodies representing craft workers and small and medium size enterprises. Through its several activities, SŽZ encourages entrepreneurship and a SME-friendly business environment, promotes awareness of apprenticeship, enhances the social conditions of self-employed and takes measures against undeclared work. SŽZ  is also a social partner at the national level. 

SŽZ President Stanislav Cižmárik stated: “We are glad to join EBC in order to cooperate with our European colleagues in the construction field. The Slovakian construction sector with its SMEs gives an important contribution to the national and European economy: in 2016, construction accounted for 9.21% of employment in Slovakia compared to an EU average of 6.68% and numbers are expected to grow in the next future. In order to keep these positive trends, we need to make sure that our interests are well represented in Brussels”.

To mark this important moment, EBC President Patrick Liébus stated: “We look forward to working with our Slovakian colleagues in order to exchange best practices, develop joint initiatives and have a common voice at the European political level. Construction entrepreneurs share the same goals and we are stronger when we act together”.

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