A toolkit to tackle undeclared work in the construction sector

The European Platform against Undeclared Work (UdW) has published a toolkit for tackling undeclared work in the construction sector. This toolkit provides a practical overview of the tools and approaches that Member States have developed to fight this phenomenon in the construction sector. It includes factsheets on national and/or regional sectoral practices that help to:

  • become aware of the existing approaches and of relevant practical measures adopted in tackling undeclared work in the construction sector;
  • better evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of introducing new measures;
  • select and implement new measures, benefiting from lessons learnt by countries that have directly experimented with similar measures.

The subject is crucial for EBC because, according to recent statistics, around 19% of all undeclared work in the European Union takes place in the construction sector. Tackling undeclared work in this sector is therefore important, albeit more important in some Member States than others.

The toolkit can be found here.