EBC to speak at the OECD workshop on “Building the cities of tomorrow”

EBC Technical Standardisation officer Adam Pinney will speak at the OECD workshop on “Building the cities of tomorrow” that will be held on 24 November in Paris.

Pinney will speak on behalf of EBC ans SBS – Small Business Standards.

Theme of the Workshop

The world stands at the brink of an unprecedented technological transformation that will fundamentally alter the way people live, work and communicate with one another.  This will inevitably have a considerable impact on cities, which concentrate more than half of total population and employment in OECD countries. Helping cities gain more growth, jobs and well-being from this revolution while minimising trade-offs requires rethinking the way cities are designed, built and managed.

With the support of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), this OECD workshop aims to inform the policy debate on effective urban modernisation in Korea and other countries by highlighting successful initiatives and sharing best practices. It aims to gather a selective yet diversified panel of experts and practitioners who will weave together insights from the public, private and community spheres. Discussions will be summarised in post-roundtable proceedings, to be prepared by KRIHS in consultation with the OECD.