Highlights of the European Parliament Gypsum Forum

The European European Parliament Gypsum Forum took place on 27 September in Brussels.

During this inspiring conference more than 100 participants from all over Europe gathered to come up with proposals for the future of our cities.

Our cites face many changes: it is time for the Construction sector and for the European institutions to join forces to find innovative solutions to overcome the challenges in urban housing. Eurogypsum wished to demonstrate solutions to this challenge, by promoting affordable and modern ways to speedily increase available housing, a better quality and more sustainable living, and an optimised cost of investment. The solutions are based around the transformation of the existing building at a significantly reduced cost when compared to the more radical approach of demolition and redevelopment. They rely on modern, lightweight methods of construction. Good examples already exist in Europe and Eurogypsum wanted to share these innovative transformations and architectural practices with EU representatives.

The speakers focused on the importance of promoting greater reuse of materials, optimising building’s energy performance, adapting properties to other uses, creating comfortable and safe built environment.

The event was organized by Eurogypsum in collaboration with EBC and hosted by MEP Julie Girling.