Malta: 4 years of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

On 30-31 May EBC will participate in a high-level event organised in the framework of the Maltese Presidency titled: “4 years of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships: celebrating success and looking ahead”. 

The aim of this event is to celebrate the first four  years of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, by highlighting some of its achievements and successes, while also looking at current challenges and the way forward.
Policy officer Fernando Sigchos will attend the conference on behalf of EBC.
Conference Programme

EBC and the European Alliance for Apprenticeship

In July 2013 the European Social Partners, the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union signed a joint declaration to create the European Alliance for Apprenticeship.

The Alliance intends to promote the access to and the quality of apprenticeship, which is considered as a fundamental tool in facing youth unemployment and skills mismatch.

In this context, the European Commission invites key actors – particularly companies and national industry associations – to make an apprenticeship pledge to strengthen the supply, the quality and the image of apprenticeship. Several companies and associations of different sectors have already made a pledge.

At the beginning of 2015 the European Commission’s DG GROW (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) contacted EBC and other construction sector’s representatives to encourage an apprenticeship pledge in this sector.

EBC is fully involved in this initiative. Indeed, EBC has made a pledge to encourage small companies to engage with training and national associations of construction SMEs to support apprenticeship among their members. Moreover, EBC has committed to raise awareness about the importance of Vocational and Educational Training and about the most effective work-based education systems through the exchange of best practices. 

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