EBC President at a seminar on undeclared work

On 3 May 2017 EBC President Patrick Liébus has participated in the Seminar on “Tools and approaches to deal with undeclared work in the construction sector” organised by the European Platform on undeclared work (UDW).
The construction sector has for many years been characterised by high rates of undeclared work. This seminar, which took place in Brussels, looked at existing practices, tools and approaches that deal with the issue in construction. Delegates exchanged best practices, identified aspects that could be transferred to different settings and explored how difficult challenges can be overcome.
Patrick Liébus said: “On behalf of EBC and as a member of UEAPME it was a pleasure for me to attend this seminar on undeclared work. During the seminar we have examined and discussed tools and ways aimed at sanctioning and combating this phenomenon. Undeclared work is a problem which causes serious damage to those enterprises which respect the law and pay taxes, to fair competition between companies and to public budgets.
The European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work enhances cooperation between Member States’ relevant authorities and other actors involved to fight undeclared work more effectively and efficiently while fully respecting national competences and procedures.