Boosting growth whilst supporting the social dimension of the EU discussed at the Labour Festival

Today EBC’s Secretary General Riccardo Viaggi participated in the plenary Panel Debate, which was organised by ETUC and is part of the three-day Labour Festival (Festival "Luci sul Lavoro") in Montepulciano (Italy). The debate focuses on the Economic Governance of the EU and the Strengthening of its Social Dimension. It opens a public discussion on the future of Europe identifying the main socio-economic challenges and policy responses.
Talking about the current challenges of the European Union, Riccardo Viaggi highlighted the added value of a debate around the EU pillar of social rights to get the European Union closer to the citizens. He explained the work the EBC representatives are carrying out within the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in this regard.
Among the key messages, he mentioned:

  • The need of revising posting of workers legislation and enforcing controls as well as the importance of better implementing the ‘acquis’ of the EU social legislation instead of putting forward new legislation.
  • The crucial role of productive public investments to boost growth and job creation, particularly with the Juncker Plan and its added-value as a multiplier of small energy efficiency projects in private housing. This was also one the main priorities of the EBC manifesto for Europe adopted in 2014.
  • The value of an inclusive and representative European social dialogue, especially in the construction sector.

Other participants of the debate were: Luca Visentini (Secretary General of the ETUC), Valeria Ronzitti (Secretary General of CEEP), Ruth Paserman (Deputy Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Thyssen), OECD economist Janssen and George Dassis (President of the European Economic and Social Committee).