EBC speaks at the breakfast “the human dimension of energy efficiency”

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) along with EU.bac and SME Europe organised a breakfast debate on the human dimension of energy efficiency on 14 June. The event was hosted by MEP Bendt Bendsen.
Speaking at the event, EBC put forward the following messages:

  • Energy Performance Certificates should not outline all the details of the energy renovation projects. This should be left to construction companies & installers who will be performing those renovation works. The risk is that clients would receive diverging information and delay investment decisions.
  • Any incentives or subsidies should be part of a stable policy or regulatory framework. There is nothing worse – for clients, installers and manufacturers – than an uncertain scheme.
  • Heating & Cooling manufacturers and installers should create partnerships. Industrial partnerships at national and European level between installers and manufacturers may be a very helpful tool to organise better the value-chain and the information on technological developments.

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