EBC speaks about innovation and energy efficiency at the IEPPEC Conference

EBC spoke at a three-day Conference organised by IEPPEC at the beginning of June, titled “Make the Paris agreement a reality with effective evaluation for energy efficiency”.
EBC spoke in the panel about innovation changes on energy savings. EBC’s main focus was on contractual innovation and innovative business models. Even though technological innovation is important for growth, new kind of contracts and way to interact for construction companies is absolutely key to deliver that technological innovation.
The main examples of this kind of innovation are:

  • Allowing SMEs in the ESCO market
  • Grouping of local construction companies
  • Partnership with obligated parties (e.g. energy utilities)
  • Third-party financing – Juncker Plan for renovation market

The purpose of the conference was to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on the evaluation of international energy policies. The conference aimed at gathering new ideas, inputs for current and upcoming debates, experience feedback and lessons learnt about all the stages of evaluations (preparation, realisation, analysis of results, evaluation use).