EBC adopts its position paper on Circular Economy

The European Builders Confederation EBC published its position paper on the Circular Economy Package today. The Package was unveiled by the European Commission on 2 December 2015 and includes a European action plan for the circular economy as well as the revision of the directives on waste, packaging, landfill and waste electronic equipment.
As the construction sector contributes to around 35% of waste generation, small and medium construction companies take sustainability issues very seriously. They are therefore making every effort to minimise and recycle waste at every stage.
This is why the European Builders Confederation welcomes the publication of this crucial legislation for the environment. EBC encourages action to reduce the production of waste and to promote sorting, reuse and recycling whenever this is technically feasible and cost-effective.

Key recommendations on the Waste and Landfills Directives

EBC suggests some key recommendations to be taken into account in the Waste Framework Directive and the Landfill of Waste Directive:
   •  We agree with the progressive ban on landfills, but suitable alternatives have to be put in place and be easily accessible. Workers should not be obliged to drive too far to access the collection and disposal points, including for hazardous waste;
   •  We support the promotion of sorting systems for construction and demolition waste, but they have to be technically, economically and environmentally feasible. If this is not the case, companies will not be able to use them and recycling & reuse rates will not be increased.
Read the EBC position paper on circular economy
See the legislative texts on the website of the European Commission