EBC participates in the event on “Fair mobility in the construction sector”

The German construction industry held its 2016 European event on “Fair mobility in the construction sector” today. The conference focused on the balance between free movement and social dumping in the construction sector.
EBC President Patrick Liébus (also President of CAPEB, French EBC’s member) took the floor to explain how French employers’ associations are cooperating with the Government to tackle this issue. In France this week construction employers representatives co-signed a national convention against undeclared work and social fraud. This text could bring new ideas to be developed at the European level. EBC also praised the draft report of MEP Balas for raising the most relevant points in fighting social dumping.

Debate on posting of workers

Although the European Commission delayed the Mobility Package, most of the speakers debated about whether or not the 1996 directive on posting of workers has to be revised. They also agreed on the need to improve labour inspection coordination. Jackie Morin, head of the ‘Free movement of workers unit’ at DG Employment, MEP Thomas Mann (EPP, Germany) and MEP Jutta Steinruck (S&D, Germany) were among the guest speakers.
Mr. Morin explained that DG EMPL intends to draft a revision proposal of the posting of workers directive by mid-March 2016, after analysing several data on posted workers. German construction social partners concluded the event expressing their scepticism on the need to reopen the 1996 original directive on posting of workers, preferring a better implementation of already existing legislation.