How to make BIM an SME-friendly tool explained in the BIM Summit

The European BIM Summit in Barcelona on 18 & 19 February presented the most interesting experiences and the latest advances within this new work process.
Opening the Summit, EBC explained how to make BIM an SME-friendly tool to avoid the development of standards only driven by the commercial interests of a limited number of players.
The main points were the following:

  • Developing BIM tools to be adapted to the building renovation market
  • Providing SMEs with economically accessible digital model tools
  • Developing well-designed tools for construction SMEs
  • Ensuring that digital model tools will not be prescriptive for particular products

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is transforming the way buildings are designed to perform throughout their entire life cycle. This is a digital model tool that integrates all the information related to a construction project from its design phase to the management years after the construction.
Over 450 participants from across Europe took part in the Summit; among them there were BIM experts, public administrators, developers, service consultants, material suppliers and, in general, relevant decision-makers for the construction industry.