Posting of workers – EU Construction SMEs write to Commissioner Thyssen

Today EBC sent an open letter to Commissioner THYSSEN in preparation of tomorrow’s College of Commissioners debate on the issue of POSTING OF WORKERS. With this letter, EBC wants to focus the attention back on the European level and on the original Posting of Workers Directive of 1996.
As the representative organisation of construction SMEs taking part in the European sectoral social dialogue, EBC calls for the targeted review of the 96/71/EC Directive on Posting of Workers with clear proposals listed in the open letter. In EBC’s opinion, this review should lead to a revision of the 1996 directive. EBC calls on the European Union to better regulate posting situations and to create a real level playing field, by addressing the cases of abuses and circumvention of the European law, because these issues are not and will not be addressed by the 2014 Enforcement Directive (2014/67/EU).
Indeed, its transposition is quite slow and EBC’s assessment of the effectiveness of its provisions is negative. EBC understands the need to wait until the end of the transposition phase in June 2016, but it is very skeptical about the functioning of these measures because of the evident diverging views between Member States, largely divided in two camps. 
EBC thus calls on Commissioner THYSSEN to gear the debate on the upcoming Mobility Package towards the scope and the content of the targeted review.