EBC signed its apprenticeship pledge in Riga

Today EBC participated in the Riga conference that marks 2 years from the launch of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship. 
Secretary General Riccardo Viaggi signed EBC’s apprenticeship pledge in front of Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, European social partners, European and national decision-makers, businesses as well as other associations’ representatives. In its pledge EBC commits to improving the quality, the image and the supply of apprenticeships as well as the mobility of apprentices.
EBC has already been concretely involved in projects promoting the mobility of apprentices (such as EuroApprenticeship) or the attractiveness of the construction sector for young people (such as Under Construction 3). 
The added value of EBC’s pledge is the possibility to address the topic directly with the representatives of construction SMEs in 12 EU Member States. Thanks to its network, EBC will therefore involve national associations and ultimately construction small and medium companies in this initiatives. Indeed, these are the actors who train the vast majority of apprentices throughout Europe.