SBS presents its position on Building Information Modeling

EBC within SBS has contributed to the recent impulse for standardisation activities on Building Information Modeling. SBS presented its positions in occasion of the IV European Standardization Summit, which has taken place in Riga on 4 June. 
David Amadon, SBS Board member working for EBC’s French member federation CAPEB addressed  a vast audience of stakeholders in the field of standardisation focusing on the necessity for SBS to work on BIM to represent SMEs’ interests in this new field.
He explained how the participation of SBS to the activities of the relevant CEN Technical Committee on BIM (CEN/TC 442) will be oriented to avoid the development of standards only applicable by a small part of the market or driven by the commercial interests of a limited number of players and to stress on the needs and expectations of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in how to design a European standardised approach to Building Information Modelling. 
David Amadon outlined the intention to consolidate an SME stance on BIM through the involvement of experts in an SBS mirror committee and raising awareness by keeping SBS members and relevant stakeholders informed about the workings of CEN/TC 442. As from its inaugural meeting in September 2015, SBS will be represented in this TC by EBC standardisation technical officer Guido Sabatini.