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Vocational education and training

The construction sector generally suffers from a lack of qualified labour. In particular, construction workers are asked to demonstrate new abilities related to energy efficiency and renewable energies. 

While these kinds of skills are starting to be addressed by public policies, there is still not sufficient consideration for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial spirit is crucial to undertaking new or innovative activities, but it is also fundamental to the generational transfer of thousands of businesses over the coming years.

EBC suggests some measures to address this issue:

   •  Integrating entrepreneurship education in vocational education and training curricula

   •  Better involvement of SME associations and social partners in apprenticeship schemes and definition of the sector’s skills

   •  Reinforcing the use of skills competitions to attract young people to the construction sector

   •  Better use of the European Social Fund to promote green skills and training in health and safety at work

   •  Promoting policy measures to increase women's participation in construction

   •  Recognition of EBC as a European Social Partner in construction


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