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Services cards

In January 2017, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new European ‘services e-card’ as part of a legislative package on the rules governing the single market for services. Together with the other sectoral social partners, the construction SMEs represented by the European Builders Confederation (EBC) share major concerns on the methods and merits of this proposal.

Patrick Liébus, President of the European Builders Confederation, said: “The European Commission has completely disregarded the need of the market with this new e-card. Not only did the sector not ask for it, but European construction trade unions and employers have actively called for its rejection. This goes in exactly the opposite direction than the smart regulation principle the Commission is supposed to apply.”

He concluded: “The vast majority of construction companies operate and will continue to operate mainly at a local/regional level, not necessarily because of administrative obstacles, but because of other barriers such as, for example, language, technical requirements, cultural differences, customer relations and so on. Besides, the proposed ‘services e-card’ may generate additional problems, facilitate cross-border frauds and disrupt the effectiveness of controls undertaken by labour inspectorates.”


Joint press release - The European Construction Industry welcomes the rejection of the proposed services e-card by the European Parliament

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