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A successful energy efficiency approach in Europe

The European Commission is currently addressing the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive. The event “A successful energy efficiency approach in Europe”, organised on 21 June by EBC, EDF and UFE, aimed at debating the most promising opportunities for a successful approach at European level in the built environment.

At the frontline of energy efficiency investments, experts from residential and tertiary buildings, ESCO and financing platforms gathered on the same podium to discuss the way forward, and pave the way for the uptake of a strong, dynamic and competitive European industry for energy efficiency services.

As one of the 5 pillars of the Energy Union Strategy, energy efficiency is a key enabler of an ambitious and cost-efficient low carbon transition. The Energy Efficiency Directive adopted in 2012 established a comprehensive EU framework, driving the reduction of energy demand in all EU Member States. However, the current framework remains too complex, fragmented, and needs to be readjusted in order to deliver its full benefits, at the least cost.

EBC speaks in the panel debate on energy efficiency

EBC took the floor in the panel debate. Residential buildings make up 75% of the European building stock and use 28% of the final energy consumption in the European Union. This is a very important market section for small and medium construction companies.

Innovation and skills are the two main keywords to boost energy efficiency in Europe for EBC. Construction professionals need a sound training system to face the challenge and grab the opportunity of the green economy.

Finally, construction companies should be allowed and encouraged to create groupings with a view to better satisfying the market’s needs.