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Innovate to renovate

In the context of Shelter, EBC co-organised an event titled "Scaling up renovation will take innovative thinking, planning and financing: are our legal and financial institutions on board?” during the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012 in June.

The conference intended to raise awareness on the need to upscale the energy retrofitting of the existing social housing stock. It also highlighted the need for a policy framework to boost and facilitate changes at Member States’ level by focusing on three main issues: 

   •  Innovative financial instruments: feedback on experience on Energy Performance Contracting and the use of European Regional Development Fund;

   •  Public Procurement: feedback on experience on new coordination models such as integrated design, and discussion on the possibilities offered by the new Public Procurement Directive;

   •  Local development and role of SMEs in the up-scaling of energy renovation and contribution to growth and competitiveness in the EU.