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EBC was a partner of EuroApprenticeship, which ran from March 2010 to June 2013. This EU-funded project aimed to build a network of competent bodies and intermediate organisations that can provide expertise, information and support to learning mobility projects promoted by VET (Vocational Education and Training) providers, for the benefit of SMEs, apprentices or those in dual training systems.

The goals of EuroApprenticeship were to: 

   •  Support VET-providers in creating sustainable European partnerships 

   •  Add value to the companies through transnational mobility projects

   •  Implement a coherent quality system 

   •  Propose appropriate methods and tools for the recognition of mobility periods as a recognised part of the domestic education and training (curriculum approach / added value approach) 

   •  Provide expertise on legal, financial, administrative and other practical issues 

   •  Support “new comers” with identifying suitable and experienced host companies and training centres

   •  Enhance and make more visible the role of intermediary organisation in motivating and supporting companies

Transnational mobility in the context of Vocational Education and Training is considered a meaningful tool to foster the international competences of employees as well as personal skills. 

EuroApprenticeship also sought to develop new innovative methods of learning and new learning environments to develop the workforce’s competencies by better adapting VET systems in Europe to labour market needs and encouraging placements abroad. 

EBC in the project

As a project partner, EBC gave a sectoral dimension to the work and its implementation at the national level as well as helped to assess parts of the project. EBC also participated in the information, communication and dissemination activities of the project.