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Energy efficiency and small-scale projects to target microenterprises under the EFSI

Small and medium-size construction firms welcome the Investment Plan for Europe and appreciate the fact that the legislative process is well underway. However, although the Plan is intended to target SMEs in particular, they are concerned that they may be cut out of this initiative. 

Under the current proposed structure, the projects to be financed under the EFSI would be too big for SMEs, which would not be able to submit projects nor to participate in them. The Plan should therefore finance small-scale projects to give small companies a concrete chance of being involved.

EBC also calls for reserving part of the granted guarantees to energy efficiency investments. 75% of the European building stock is not energy efficient. EFSI could represent an important occasion to renovate the residential housing stock in Europe. The European Institutions should not miss this opportunity to increase energy security, reduce energy-poverty and green-house gas emissions, while supporting growth and jobs in a sustainable way.