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European Digital Manifesto for Construction: smarter construction, stronger economy, inclusive society

In the context of the ongoing digital transformation of the construction sector, EBC and other major European construction industry associations have joined forces to publish the European Construction Industry Manifesto for Digitalisation, a strategic call for a strong political leadership from the European Union, an appropriate regulatory framework on data policy and a budgetary focus on digital skills, R&D and deployment of IT infrastructure.



Click here to see the full manifesto

Portraits of women and young people in construction

“Involving women and young people to make construction SMEs more inclusive” was the topic of a photo exhibition the European Builders Confederation organised in 2015 to celebrate its 25-year anniversary.

The exhibition features photos depicting the passions, the efforts and the stories of young people and women working in construction trades. It shows how they got involved in the sector and what their take on the future is.

The exhibition was hosted in the European Parliament (October 2015) and in the European Economic and Social Committee (February-March 2016).


Click here to see the booklet of the exhibition (in English)


Under Construction 3 final publication - Supporting Active ageing and young workers in construction SMEs

Under Construction 3 focused on Active Ageing and Young Workers in Construction SMEs and involved 11 national partner organisations from 8 European Member States. The final publication presents the achievements and the best practices shared by the partners in this project.

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English version   French version   Italian version   Spanish version   Czech version   Dutch version   Romanian version   Latvian version   Lithuanian version