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Anticipate, exchange, position and then act

We represent, defend and promote the interests of the building sector’s micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, in close co-ordination with our national member organisations. Our mission is:

   •  To ensure construction microenterprises and SMEs’ specific needs are taken into consideration during the European legislative process in order to create an SME-friendly business environment and to make it possible for construction SMEs to be the driver of sustainable economic growth in Europe

   •  To put forward construction SMEs’ contribution to the European decision-making in the field of sustainability, Health & Safety at Work, entrepreneurship, SME access to markets, standardisation, fair competition in the Internal Market, among others

   •  To increase understanding of small and medium construction businesses’ role - which represent the vast majority of the sector - for employment and sustainable development, and make them heard vis-à-vis the European Institutions, the European Standardisation Organisations and other international organisations

   •  To enable representatives of small and medium construction enterprises to participate in the European sectoral social dialogue, thus increasing its relevance and reinforcing its impact. Social dialogue is crucial for a healthy functioning of our economy. However, it has to be representative in order to work well. This is why EBC is asking to be included as a full member in the European Social Dialogue Committee for Construction and give the input of builders on its important subjects. 

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